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We’re here to help and service your construction needs. As our motto says:
“Large Enough to Accommodate, Small Enough to Appreciate”


Possible Commercial Construction Services we can offer:

  • Early Stage of considering a commercial project and want to discuss the opportunity? 
  • Looking at buying land and want an opinion on development costs? We can help on the financials to see if this is a good investment. 
  • Have an option to purchase land and need a design-builder to work up some budget numbers? We can help determine your “Rate of Return” on investment. 
  • Needing a Construction Manager to work with your architect/engineer for: budget estimate, value engineering, constructability, long lead procurement issues, scheduling information, etc? 
  • Just need a good commercial general contractor to build your building that has served Missouri clients for over 74 years? 

Anything else we can assist you with on your construction project?

If so, contact Virginia Steiger at 573-690-1616 or Vaughn Prost, President at 573-694-1095. 

Headquarters-Jefferson City: 
3617 Route CCP.O. Box 1727
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Phone: 573-635-0211
Fax: 573-634-2442
Columbia Office
3305 Crawford Street
Columbia, MO 65203
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-635-0212