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Preconstruction + Engineering + Construction Operations Delivery Methods


Preconstruction and engineering services can be offered to jumpstart the project with construction feasibility in mind. Initial services may include conceptual plans, budgets, schedules and outlier of concerns to mitigate.

Final services may include detailed project plans, specifications, construction proposal, schedule, and a system to resolve any further project concerns.
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In the design/build process, the owner, contractor, and designers work as a team to design and build a project together from preconstruction through project closeout. This approach gives everyone ownership over their contribution, which can reduce the time spent and total cost of the project from start to finish.
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In a Design-Build-Lease project, the landlord/developer constructs a purpose-built building for a single tenant or multiple tenants. Prost Builders and the client work together to design the perfect rental space for the client.
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Prost Builders serves as the Construction Manager on large development projects. We're able to manage teams during the design process, select qualified contractors, assist with land acquisition, manage the project contractors with client's best interest in mind, facilitate quality control standards, and deliver the project on time.
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As general contractors, we are responsible for delivering the construction of a project on time, within budget, with the utmost quality standards as safely as possible using the project plans and specifications furnished by the client. Our goal is to keep most of the general contracting work in-house, including: any select demolition, concrete work, rough carpentry, finish carpentry (doors, frames and hardware); and even installation of building specialty items. This allows us to better control quality, price, and - sometimes more importantly - the schedule.
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Since 1977, Prost Builders has been involved in solar electric energy projects. In 2008, Prost Builders has been designing, building, and maintaining solar electric systems for commercial and residential clients. We continue to offer energy efficiency studies, engineering, design, and construction services that prove reducing electric energy usage is financially feasible and provides longterm financial gains.
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